Export to Turkey through Iran

 Iran and Turkey have a very good relationship in terms of goods exchange, many Turkish products are exported and imported to Iran and many Iranian products are also imported to Turkey.
Since Turkish culture is somewhat close to Iran, the products of this country have been able to gain a good market in Iran and export various products.
In the following, we will introduce the popular goods between these two countries, and we will check the appropriate methods, conditions, steps and transportation for exporting to this country.


Export goods to Turkey:
Nuts, especially pistachios, dates, and figs
Sunflower oil
Animal corn
Plastic tools and raw materials for their production
Metals, wooden boards and…
Business relations between Iran and Turkey:
Since Iran is involved in the problems of embargo, but still the businessmen continue their work well.
Iran and Turkey have very good economic relations and we export many products to Turkey every year, and due to the existence of various customs agreements between Iran and Turkey, we see an increase in exchanges between them and good agreements between them, in addition to the existence of various communication routes. And the high diversity in transportation methods has contributed to the prosperity of this country’s exports more than ever.
And finally, it should be pointed out that Turkey is geographically located between the two continents of Europe and Asia, therefore it has become a communication bridge and transit route for Iran, so merchants can also sell their products. sell in Turkey and send Iranian goods to the European Union through this country.
In order to export to Turkey, we must know and learn the customs laws of Iran and Turkey. If we do not have enough information, there is a possibility of making a mistake and creating a violation, and as a result, the goods will be confiscated.

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