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The basis of trust at Azintrade is “Reliability”. Remember, Trust takes years to build

Competitive Price

We offer high quality products at competitive prices.

Fast Delivery

The Sources we use are located near the ports. Our Expert logistic team will handle the loading operation perfectly

Payment Term

We provide negotiable conditions for payment without bank transactions problem

Global Business

Achieving a successful network of Business partners in the region

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become one of the most competitive & diversified company of Ores & Minerals Trading and related products in the Middle East.

Because we believe Success is a Choice !

Step 1-Tell us what you want!

First of all tell us your order with full detail through an email or contact form, include: Commodity Name, Quantity, Destination port, Payment Term, Delivery Term and etc.

Step 2- Check the Quality specifications

Our Quality is always excellent but if you are looking for any certain quality we will provide.

Step 3- Compare our prices to other suppliers

99% of our clients find that we give them competitive price. If you are going to save your funds you can check our prices list.

Step 4- Then you decide to buy!

After buyer accepted the offer and both parties reviewed all aspects of the bargain then they will enter into a contract.


You Choose, We Source

Food products –  Azintrade

Azintrade Company is involved in export food products such as Nuts, Dried Fruit, Grain, Saffron, Many types of Iranian Dates, & other Organic fruits being its primary commodities.

  • BarleyFresh & Organic
  • DateMazafati,Rabi
  • NutsDried Nuts, Seeds
  • CornHigh Quality Maize
  • SaffronThe Most Expensive Spice
  • Organic FruitNo Artificial color
  • PistachioHigh quality Pistachio
  • RaisinDifferent types
105+Projects Done
3MMT Annual Export
78Modern Systems
33+Expert Stuffs

Jalil Kiaee – General Manager

We Respect All

I believe one of the most important things about every business is customer satisfaction which is the key of “success” in trading. We are confident in guaranteeing you the best service possible just to let you feel special. That’s our goal! 


The commercial activity of transporting goods to customers

Here are some Helpful Videos about logistic!

Video Azintrade- Clinker

How does a self unloader work?

Video Azintrade- Clinker

IncoTerms 2010 Import Export Business

Video Azintrade- Clinker

Shahid Rajaei, the biggest Iranian port

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Automate Everything Possible.
How the logistics process can be drawn out with multiple platforms and multiple industries involved. With those amounts of variables, the chance of human error is inevitable at some point. Businesses that do the best job of handling their logistics recognize this reality and continually invest in automation. This goes for small businesses as well; there are plenty of tools available at low cost that can help automate many of the processes involved in your logistics strategy.

Keep Everything Portable.
This is aimed at all businesses. Space is not infinite, and you’ll need to move things around frequently, and sometimes change locations entirely. Keeping things portable means less hassle and more efficiency with much less disruption to your operations.

Optimize Freight Spend.
Finding ways to manage your transportation budget is an important means to increasing efficiency. Finding the right mode of travel, investing in proper packaging, and consistently reviewing contracts as your frequency changes are just some ways to ensure your freight spend is managed well.