Necessary documents for export consignment by sea:

Bill of lading, which is called BL in the term and issued by the shipping company, is a document in which the specifications of the goods are included. A BL is issued when your goods are transported by a shipping company from one point to another.
This bill of lading is issued when the ship has left the berth. In fact, first the shipping takes delivery of the goods and the containers are loaded on the ship. After performing THC services and leaving the ship from the berth, this bill of lading is issued in three sheets.


Contents of sea waybill:
What is mentioned in the sea waybill includes the name and specifications of the ship, the time of departure, the length of the route, the serial number of the container, the specifications of the container load and their weight. To follow up, you can provide the name of the shipping company that provides you transportation services and track the transfer of the goods instantly.

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