2024 cement

IA Cement in London has released a report called Cement 2024. It looks at the things they expect to happen in 2024. The report looks at how much people around the world are expected to buy, and also talks about things that could cause problems for businesses, like competition and trade. It looks at the best cement makers in the world and studies how much carbon they release and how high interest rates affect how much cement people buy. This article gives a brief summary of a report that looks at the expected demand for 2024 in different regions.


Global cement use has been low ever since the pandemic started. Several bad things have happened that have affected how much people want to buy things – lockdowns, the war between Russia and Ukraine, and prices going up worldwide. In 2023, it’s expected that demand will decrease a little. Only India and the Middle East will have significant growth. The prices of cement have increased to cover the higher costs, which has led to higher profits.
In 2024, it is expected that there will be a small increase in how much cement is used around the world, maybe 1 to 2%. The IMF says that the GDP is not doing well. Interest rates are as high as they’ve been and likely won’t go down quickly because prices are staying high. This has made it a lot more expensive to pay for new building projects. Most people have used up their money saved during the pandemic, and wealthy countries have a lot of debt. Demand for cement in Western Europe is not very strong. The US infrastructure bill helps support the things that people use every day. Demand in new markets is not consistent. China should become steady, even though the housing market is still going down. The recovery in Africa and Asia is expected to be different in different places. India might have a slower economy after the election.

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