Oman Cement is to upgrade its 4.2 million tons per year Rusayl cement plant. Reuters News reported that their plans consist of 25% expandion of the capacity of Line 3 of the plant to 5000t/day from 4000t/day and the building of a new 10,000t/day Line 4. Lines 1 and 2 will subsequently shut down. Therefore, the upgrade will raise the plant’s clinker capacity from 8700t/day to 15,000t/day.

The construction sector in Zimbabwe seems to be undergoing a revival, driven by public spending on infrastructure and private development. However, a recent increase in cement prices could restrict the recovery. On average, a 50kg bag, which ordinarily costs around US$10.50, is now around US$13. The price rise has resulted in a jump in cheap imports from the region, especially from Zambia, which the traders and dealers are trying to fill the supply gap.

Cemex in Mexico has partnered with the Swedish Volvo to develop a zero-emissions cement fleet. This implementation will be affecting mobile construction equipment as well as trucks, productivity solutions. A Cemex European site will host trials of the technologies. Vicente Saiso, Head of global sustainability, said “Working together with a leading global company in electromobility construction equipment and trucks such as Volvo will strengthen our efforts to address climate change and reduce our carbon footprint to reach net zero by 2050. We are excited to collaborate and develop a roadmap to introduce electric trucks and equipment throughout our operations.”

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