Which one is better for Gypsum board, Mesh 100 or 200?

The choice between Mesh 100 or Mesh 200 for gypsum board installation depends on the specific requirements and preferences of the project. Both mesh sizes can be suitable for different applications.
Mesh 100 has larger openings compared to Mesh 200. It is generally used when a stronger bond is required between the gypsum board and the adhesive or joint compound. The larger openings allow for better adhesion and stronger reinforcement. Mesh 100 is commonly used in areas where there might be higher stress or movement, such as corners or joints, to minimize the risk of cracks or damage.
Mesh 200, on the other hand, has smaller openings, which can provide a smoother surface finish. It is often used for situations where a more refined or smoother appearance is desired, such as on walls or ceilings that will be painted or finished with a decorative treatment. The smaller openings in Mesh 200 help to ensure a more even and uniform surface for the final finish.
In summary, if you prioritize strength and durability, Mesh 100 is a better choice. If you value a smoother surface finish, Mesh 200 would be more suitable. Ultimately, it is recommended to consult with professionals or experts in gypsum board installation for specific project requirements and recommendations.

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