In this article, we are going to briefly go over some facts about gypsum which might interest you. Don’t forget to check out other posts in our blog because this will keep us motivated to keep posting.

  • The word gypsum comes from the Greek word gypsos which means chalk or plaster.
  • Rock gypsum is the most common form of this material.
  • You could scratch it with your nails because it is so soft.
  • There is a vast sand dune in New Mexico made of gypsum sand.
  • Because it has water molecules, it can be so reactive to water making it very versatile.
  • It is an essential ingredient in POP (plaster of Paris) which is used to make gypsum ceiling boards, casts and sculptures.
  • It was used by the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians for a variety of uses such as making sculptures and for mortar in pyramids.
  • Some of the biggest gypsum crystals ever discovered were in Mexico weighing around 55,000 kilograms.
  • It has been found on Mars which proves that water might exist on the planet.
  • It is used to make cement and paint fillers. For fun facts about cement click here.
  • It is a good fertilizer in gardening because it reduces the salt of the soil and adds other nutrients to it.

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