Where is the bigger natural gypsum mine in Iran?

Iran is known for having significant reserves of natural gypsum, which is widely used in various industries. Some of the larger natural gypsum deposits in Iran include:


  1. Semnan Province: Semnan Province, located in the northern part of Iran, is known for its extensive gypsum deposits. The mines in Semnan province, particularly around the cities of Semnan and Garmsar, have large reserves of high-quality gypsum.
  1. Hormozgan Province: Hormozgan Province, situated in the southern part of Iran along the Persian Gulf, is another region with significant gypsum deposits. The Bandar Abbas area in Hormozgan province is known for its substantial gypsum reserves.
  1. Khorasan Razavi Province: Khorasan Razavi province, located in northeastern Iran, also has notable gypsum deposits. The cities of Kashmar and Neyshabur in this province are known for their gypsum mines.


  1. Fars Province: Fars province, situated in the southwestern part of Iran, has gypsum deposits in various locations. The cities of Shiraz and Jahrom are known for their gypsum resources.
  1. Isfahan Province: Isfahan province, located in central Iran, also has gypsum reserves. The cities of Isfahan and Najafabad in this province are known for their gypsum mines.

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