What is a terminal?

What is in port post? We said that there are different types of ports, and one of them is the sea port.
The terminal is a part of a sea port where passengers are loaded or unloaded.
In general, the difference between a port and a terminal is the same, usually there are several terminals in each sea.


Two important things regarding the importance of terminals:
Establishing a border: Terminals help to create a border between customers and port authorities, terminals are places for passengers to disembark and cargoes to be disembarked and are checked by agents.
Validation: If there is no proper and continuous control over sea transportation, we can witness the misuse of ships by profit-seeking people, such as human trafficking and drug trafficking. For this reason, terminals are places where people can use the appropriate tools of ships. should be investigated so that there is no danger to the security of the country and people. And after checking and confirming the authenticity of the cargo, it will be allowed to move.
Difference between port and terminal:
The port is a commercial place and works such as negotiations and exchanges are carried out in it, and the terminal acts like a road police and their activity is official and legal to maintain the security of the country and waterways.
A terminal is a part of a port, even there may be several terminals in a port, in general it can be said that a terminal is a specific part of a port, if the terminal is a large complex and each port has components It is special.
Introduction of Iranian terminals:
In each port, there are usually several terminals, each of which is for a specific task.
And finally, part of internal and external exchanges happen through the seas, sea transportation is done through rivers, seas, and open waters by all kinds of ships.

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