Today  we are going to processing our tiles, we want to know what where they from originally, how can export them to other countries?
which itself is derived from the Latina word Tegula and means a roof tile made of baked clay, the word tile is derived from a French word called tuil.so first of all what is the tiles actually?
tiles it’s a piece of artificial of stone , the surface on it is glass and The surface below it is made of clay.
Tiles are most often made of ceramic tiles it’s really important in build building, for example to use in kitchen, bathroom ,building decoration… .
we have a lot of type of tiles they are so pretty and makes our house are more prettier,we use tiles for Hygiene and being waterproofing. so we find that’s really important for all people in all countries.


Second of all The actual origin of ceramic tile is clouded in the mists of history,most experts believe that the first ceramic tiles were fired in Egypt and another experts The ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and China point out.so who actually knows?
only thing we are sure about it is  by the 1000 B.C, the technology had been well-established in several parts of the world. we have a lot of quality high tiles company in Iran Their job is to produce high quality tiles and ceramics which are very popular and famous all over the world.
In Iran, we have wonderful buildings that are decorated with tiles and ceramics, Export and Import its really important to our company, we export cement gypsum powder, rebar, ceramic and tiles… .
we export them by ship on the ocean for another countries, like the video on the top.
Thank you for staying with us until the end of the text

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