The history of rose water export

Iran is one of the most important and largest exporters of rose water in the world, and therefore, the export of rose water is one of the most important sources of income for those active in the industry of extracting rose water and producing spirits in Iran.
The method we use in Iran to prepare rose water from rose is distillation. Today, due to the quality of Iran rose water, especially Kashan rose water, it can be said that it has placed rose water in the top rank in the field of export.
Iran exports to many countries including Germany, England, America, Australia, Canada, France, China and…
The export of rose water brings good foreign exchange to Iran, and due to the high and good standards that exist in the production of rose water in Iran, it makes Iranian rose water perform very well and satisfactorily in the foreign and domestic market.
Features that should be checked in the preparation of rose water:
The water used in its preparation must be completely clean and free of any microbes, the produced rose must have a clear, colorless appearance, the quality rose has a very pleasant smell and does not smell sour or unpleasant, do not use fake essential oils and Standard packaging is sufficient and necessary.


Medicinal properties:
Rose water can be called a miracle of nature, it is very effective for the stomach, heart, liver, calming the nerves and reducing stress.
Today, we are aware of the importance of rose water for skin and beauty, many cosmetics and health products use it in the formulation of products.
This liquid stimulates the blood flow to some extent and therefore stimulates the skin tissue to produce new cells, so we see its use in health products, rejuvenation and skin refreshers such as masks, creams and serums. We are skin.

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