Traits of a Successful Manager

  • Bear in mind that being a manager does not mean sitting in a closed cabin and passing on orders to your team.
  • Make your team members feel that you are there with them always.
  • A manager needs to set an example of himself. Whatever you wear to work everyday, your team members would start following your style.
  • A successful manager needs to be honest and committed towards the team to expect loyalty from them in return.
  • Do not look at your company as a mere source of earning money.
  • Rumors at workplace is unhealthy. Discourage your team members from doing it and backstabbing fellow colleagues.
  • Never be rude to any of your team members.
  • Get to office on time. Being punctual is a great personality trait.
  • Remember that respect is something which is always earned, and cannot be demanded.
  • Put your ego behind the door the moment you enter office. Do not bring your ego and personal problems to workplace.
  • As a manager, you need to be flexible in the face of difficulties.
  • Be realistic.
  • Respect your team members.
  • Listen patiently. Lend a sympathetic ear to your team members in case of questions.

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