Facts about Sulphur

In this post, we are going to explore some facts and properties of sulphur which is one of the products that we can supply.

1. Sulfur is considered an essential element.

2.  The element sulfur has another name, brimstone.

3. Sulphur can be found in amino acids and proteins, that we eat everyday.

4. Sulfur atoms also contains 16 sulfur electrons.

5. 16 sulfur neutrons are found in the sulfur element.

6. Sulfurs symbol in the periodic table is S.

7. Atoms of sulfur contain 16 sulfur protons.

8. Sulfur is a very abundant element in the entire universe, so there is certainly a lot of it around.

9. ‘Sulphur’ is derived from the Latin root word meaning “to burn.”

10. The atomic weight of sulfur is 2.07 grams per cm3.

11. Sulfur is sometimes also spelt ‘sulphur’.

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