Cemex Poland to supply deep diving pool project

Cemex is participating in the construction of the deepest and largest diving pool project called ‘Deepsot’, near Warsaw, Poland.

Cemex’s Rudniki cement plant near Czestochowa will supply CEMIII/A 42.5 to enable the contractor, Budokrusz SA to produce two classes of structural concrete for the 45m deep pool that can accommodate 8000m3 of water. The pool is for professional and novice divers, as well as for free or breath-holding diving. The complex will include the construction of an underwater viewing tunnel for people to observe divers at the deepest depths.

“This extraordinary project offers a number of challenges for material suppliers and contractors in terms of the quality of products  and technologies. Another important challenge is the logistics for the timely delivery of materials to the construction site, with the Rudniki cement plant located almost 200km away,” said Rafal Gajweski, Cemex’s Polish Commercial Development Director.

“We are proud to participate in the constriction of the ‘Deepspot’ project through our CEMIII/A 42.5 N NA LH HSR special slag-based cement that features a low alkali, low heat of hydration, high-sulphate resistant, and lower CO2 footprint. Its remarkable characteristics and high quality make it a perfect product for this type of challenging construction project.”


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