As world construction has speeded up, construction of interior decorative stuff has noticeably arisen. Decorative gypsum boards and plasters have succeeded to make a fruitful market all over the world. However, in such a competitive market, only qualified gypsum boards and plasters survive. Hence a question arises: What makes a gypsum board and plaster qualified? The first important factor is whiteness. It establishes the appearance of the plasters and boards and develops the final look. apparently, the more gypsum powder is white, the better the results would be. Azin Trade team is honored to provide the decorative manufacturers with a highly white gypsum powder in any tonnage they want. If you are a gypsum board/plaster manufacturer, contact us to see our gypsum analysis. Another factor is the setting time. The importance of Setting time is emboldened when the strength of the materials is a priority. Since our clients give more attention to these two factors, we have always tried to provide them with their desired gypsum in any tonnage they want. However, other factors matter in this industry which will be discussed later on. Keep tuned for the most recent updates on gypsum powder and stone of our company.

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